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Our Wine Portfolio

We take pride in our diverse range of wines from 28 wineries from across Australia, Austria & New Zealand.

Battle of Bosworth

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia

Winemaker: Joch Bosworth

Battle of Bosworth makes organically grown and certified wines from vineyards located in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Battle of Bosworth was established in 2001 by Joch Bosworth and Louise Hemsley-Smith. The wines take their name from the original Battle of Bosworth, fought on Bosworth Field, England in 1485.

The vineyards were established in the early 1970’s by Joch’s parents. All of the vines are certified 100% organic by Australian Certified Organic. Battle of Bosworth make wines with flavour, texture, purity and balance that best express the unique characteristics of their McLaren Vale foothills site.  Battle of Bosworth wines are described as ‘organically grown, traditionally vinified’.

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Between Five Bells

Region: Geelong, Victoria

Winemaker: Ray Nadeson

Between Five Bells is, at its heart, a collective.

Ray is the proprietor, viticulturist & winemaker for the wonderful Lethbridge Wines who with David Fesq a 6th generation wine distributor, dreamed up the idea of Between Five Bells over a shared bottle, or two, of Domaine Gramenon.

These are co-fermented wines, made for no other reason than to be delicious. One of the most fascinating things about these wines are the beautiful & innovative labels. The labels feature graphics which are representations of data collected about each wine, for example the Red label represents the heat of the ferments, the time on skins and the ripeness of the grapes.

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Brash Higgins

Region: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Winemaker: Candice Helbig & Frewin Ries

Founded in 2012, CRFT is the culmination of a long held dream between winemakers Candice Helbig & Frewin Ries.

CRFT Wines express the place where it started and the uniqueness that comes from individual sites. Each wine is made from grapes picked from a single vineyard and every bottle becomes an honest reflection of that one specific location, an untarnished sample of soil and season.

In March 2016 Candice & Frewin purchased the Arranmore Vineyard in the Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, a small 5 acre vineyard planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gruner Veltliner. They immediately converted the vineyard to organic farming and in February 2019 became NASAA Cerftified Organic.


Along with the Arranmore Vineyard, CRFT also sources fruit from eight vineyards across the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. Just two to three tonnes are picked from each block and wines are produced in small batches of about 2,000 bottles.

The winemaking philosophy is simple: preserve what the vineyard grew and create balance and harmony, leaving a minimal winemaking footprint.

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Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia

Winemaker: Brad Hickey

The road bringing Brash's creator, Brad Hickey, to the rich terroir of his Omensetter Vineyard winds through two decades in virtually every aspect of food and wine across four continents. After 10 solid years in NYC he held the title as the first US sommelier to work under French culinary genius Daniel Boulud, at Cafe Boulud, and then to the role of wine director for four years at world renowned chef David Bouley's duo of two Michelin-starred restaurants, Bouley and Danube. 

In 2007 Brad swapped his wine knife for a pair of secateurs and came to work vintage in McLaren Vale. In true Aussie tradition, his name was summarily changed to 'Brash' which provided a ready alias to work under the radar – Brash Higgins.

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Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Winemaker: Chris Darling & Bart Arnst

After making great wine for other people, Chris Darling and Bart Arnst teamed up in 2007 to make great wine for themselves under The Darling label. With over 45 years of winemaking experience between them, Chris and Bart make regional, complex wines, that drink well on any occasion.

Chris & Bart are pioneers of the organic wine scene in New Zealand, with viticulturist Bart first experimenting with organic techniques in 1996. Bart is a founding member of Organic Winegrowers of New Zealand (OWNZ). Only certified organic grapes are used to make their wines, they find it increases quality and gives certainty to the integrity of the wines. While limiting the impact to the soil and earth, they believe organics helps you to connect with wine that is safe and can be traced to origin.

With the use of organic techniques Chris and Bart believe they are seeing an increase in quality over time, vines are allowed to come into balance, producing thicker skins and therefore greater flavour.

Wines are certified organic by BioGro New Zealand.

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Region: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Winemaker: Tod Dexter

Tod Dexter has a long history with wine. After seven years as an apprentice at one of California's premium family wineries, Cakebread Cellars, he returned to Australia in 1987 with his wife Debbie and bought a vineyard site where they planted 1.6 hectares of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These 1.6 hectares have now expanded to 7 hectares.

Tod then joined forces with Brian Stonier at Stonier Wines where, over the next ten years, he grew the company to become one of Australia's premium producers of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. During this decade the wines Tod created received many accolades both at home and internationally.

During a formative trip to France in 2000 Tod gained a new respect for the concept of terroir and the responsibility to future generations in caring for the land. This trip was  what encouraged Tod & Debbie to take the next step & produce their own wine.

Thus Dexter Wines was born.

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Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria

Winemaker: Ben Portet

The Portet family boasts ten consecutive generations of winemaking that began in Bordeaux in the 18th century. Today, the Portet name is most closely associated with the Yarra Valley where father and son team Dominique and Ben Portet, respectively ninth and tenth generation winemakers, produce wines of elegance and distinction.

The Dominique Portet label features an emblem with special meaning for the Portet family. It takes the form of an arabesque, a sinuous unbroken line that is characteristic of Moorish decoration. It symbioses the links and close bonds between generations, families and continents.

This shape suggests grace, strength, purity of line, and unbroken bonds. These are the qualities Dominique Portet seeks to embody in his wines.

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Dominiqe Portet

Region: Margaret River, Western Australia

Winemaker: Kane Grove

Driftwood Estate is a family owned, boutique winery located in the Wilyabrup sub-region of Margaret River, Western Australia. Established in 1989, the Estate is spread over 100 acres of undulating rich grape growing country, just a stones-throw from the Indian Ocean.

The maritime climate, fertile soil and attention to detail in the vineyard combine to produce amazing fruit with strong varietal characteristics. The fruit benefits from this natural environment which attracts the nautical influences of cool sea breezes and adequate rainfall, as well as the deep, well-drained gravel loam soils and warm dry summers, allowing the grapes to ripen under perfect conditions.  

With premium quality fruit, the winemaking philosophy is all about protecting and expressing the qualities found in the grapes, so that the wine lover can enjoy the pure varietal and regional flavours.

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Region: Margaret River, Western Australia

Winemaker: Nigel Ludlow

From modest beginnings in 2007 in a backyard garage, Evoi Wines has evolved to now produce a range of meticulously crafted fine wines. Founder and Winemaker, Nigel Ludlow’s passion is inherent in the wine label’s name, EVOI, a Latin term for the ecstatic scream of joy from the female followers of Bacchus, the God of Wine.

Nigel is passionate about producing beautifully structured wines that are complex in structure, yet seductively enjoyable. Each wine captures the stunning expression of place that is Margaret River.

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Fairbrossen Side Project

Region: Margaret River & Perth Hills, Western Australia

Winemaker: Matt Bowness

Fairbrossen is the winery and vineyards of the Bowness family. The family name and origins are from the Lake District in the North-West of England, where the phrase is often expressed at the completion of a very satisfying meal, meaning  'Full to Bursting'.

The journey began in 1995 when the Bowness family decided to establish a vineyard in the upper reaches of the renowned Wilyabrup area of Margaret River with plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec & Chardonnay. Following 7 years of university studies and practical winemaking stints across France, California, and Australia, owner/winemaker Matt Bowness established the winery and vineyard of predominantly alternative varieties, in the Perth Hills, where the family has lived for over 35 years.

Proudly a first generation winemaker, Matt believes in minimal intervention in both the vineyards and winery. Crafted by hand, and driven by environmental principles, artisanal winemaking and a desire to push the boundaries of convention, why not come for the ride.

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Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Winemaker: Takaki Okada

Takaki Okada’s fascination with wine led him to leave his native Japan for California. Here he studied winemaking at the University of California, Davis, from there his love for New Zealand Pinot Noir’s lead him to Marlborough where he put his education to work. After 6 years at Clos Henri Vineyard Takaki decided the time was right to go out on his own, thus Folium was born.

Takaki believes leaves work the hardest in the process of growing grapes, that the plant produces the grape or wine, we just assist with the process, for this reason he named his vineyard Folium, leaf in Latin.

Takaki uses time honoured winemaking techniques to produce quality wines that express the unique nature of Folium vineyard. Originally planted in 1996, the vineyard was irrigated throughout its life, however when Takaki took over in 2010 he decided to dry farm his vines. Since 2011, most of the vineyard has been dry farmed, with the exception of 2016 vintage, irrigation for 8 hours was required due to a very dry early spring, in addition to the irrigation of young vines to allow their root system to establish.

Takaki believes there are several benefits of dry farming for both wine style and environment. The soil in the region was created by ancient glacial action and river systems which can retain sufficient moisture during summer to balance the growth of the vines.

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Hither & Yon

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia

Winemaker: The Leask Brothers

Brothers Richard and Malcolm Leask were bred into wine. Firstly, their place of birth was the Hunter Valley, and now their home is McLaren Vale after their parents acquired their first patch there in 1980.

Brothers Leask started Hither & Yon in 2012. Richard is the outside man, farmer, and maker; Malcolm is the inside guy, director, and creator. What started as a “bottle project” has now endured and sprouted into a much-loved wine brand. The family motto is “by virtue, I grow” - they don’t want to be fashionable; they just want to see what is possible. Rooted in their love for the earth, their passion is to make wines that go down easy for how scarce they are.

Making better wines with a lighter footprint - this is what the team at Hither & Yon strive for each day. The first carbon neutral certified winery in South Australia, Hither & Yon expresses the care and creativity of the Leask family estate vineyards in beautiful McLaren Vale, sustainably grown and artisanally made.

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HY White_edited.jpg
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Region: Margaret River, Western Australia

Become lost in reverie (n) ‘a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream'.

InReverie is inspired by a love of travel and a love of music. Exposure to different places, people and cultures releases our mind and allows us to daydream, even just for a little while, of different perspectives and possibilities. While listening to a favourite song transports you back to a different time and place.

Whether its knee deep in mud at a festival, watching one of your favourite bands in far flung places or just enjoying a glass of wine at a bar in a new country listening to the local music, travel and music have a habit of being intertwined.

InReverie wines are crafted to represent a simple relaxing moment in time, easy drinking, fruit driven styles that can be enjoyed anytime and in any place …. enjoy in reverie.

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Knee Deep
Little Goat Creek

Region: Margaret River, Western Australia

Winemaker: Kate Morgan

Classic, elegant, varietal wines are created with passion from vines growing in the Margaret River region. The ancient terroir, pure ocean breezes, a warm mild climate produce vintages of balance, complexity and quality.

A genuine love of the Margaret River wine region is where the story began. The Child’s family, founders of Knee Deep, broke ground back in 2000 establishing what was to become an iconic Margaret River winery. These reigns have now passed onto the Holden family after working alongside the Child’s family for five years and not wanting to see an iconic   Margaret River story come to an end. In the tradition of jumping in “Knee Deep” a new era begins, being knee deep in the fruit is where it all starts, but also being knee deep in the Margaret River world of wine.

100% West Australian family owned.

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Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Little Goat Creek is a real place in the heart of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley grape growing region.  The creek flows from the Richmond Ranges of Marlborough into Little Goat Creek. Little Goat Creek wines epitomise these factors: wines packed with flavour and showing great expression of variety.

Wines are certified organic by BioGro New Zealand.

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Region: Healesville, Victoria

Winemaker: Behn Payten & Troy Jones

Behn Payten & Troy Jones of Payten & Jones Vignerons have been making fun and interesting single vineyard wines since 2006.

The evolution of Payten & Jones has been slow, although that has been required to gain the knowledge and skills to shape their Payten & Jones and Valley Vigneron wines. They have a simple philosophy in relation to vineyard and  winery, less is more, with a ’hands off’ approach to wine making.

All wines are small batch and faithfully represent that specific patch of dirt, so no fining, no filtration or mucking around with the great fruit.  They own one Vineyard (special thanks to the bank) and manage all other vineyards they source fruit form across the Yarra Valley and one special 40 yo site in Kilmore.

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Payten & Jones
Quiet Mind

Region: Mt Barker

Winemaker: Mike Garland

Established in 1974, Plantagenet was the first commercial winery in the Great Southern region. The winery was converted from an old apple packing shed and the cellar door built in handmade mud bricks and local timbers. As a pioneer of the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Plantagenet is celebrated for its rich heritage, expressive wines and family-owned sensibility. Today, Plantagenet continues to be a family-owned business with Tom & Jo Wisdom at the helm, both have extensive backgrounds in viticulture and decades of experience in the wine industry.

Plantagenet's total 126 hectares of vineyard have been carved out of the regions distinctive Marri soils, meticulous care is taken in the vineyard to provide quality parcels of fruit for the winemaking team to harness the characteristics of this premium cool climate region.

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Spring Seed Wine Co

Region: Western Australia

Winemaker: Matt Holden

Despite visiting countless wineries around the world and working alongside truly great winemakers, Matt Holden's wine story was never going to be complete until he got his hands truly dirty. So he set out to make something of his own, be it a triumph or an epic disaster. Luckily it turned out to be a triumph, in the bottle and in setting out to do what he hoped, to quiet his mind.

Quiet Mind was born from a desire to become fully immersed in what is a life long passion. Matt has worked in the WA wine industry for close to 20 years, working alongside truly great winemakers but never getting his hands truly dirty. Quiet Mind allowed Matt a chance to really immerse himself, to learn on the job with friends and family and craft wines that define the way he likes to drink.

The label art, some of which adorns the walls in the family home, are by Phoebe Duff who hails from Albany, Western Australia. Matt and his wife Clair came across Phoebe's artwork many years ago while holidaying with their three young children in Denmark, WA.

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QM 3 bottles.jpg
Region: Finniss River, South Australia & Stein a.d. Donau, Austria

Winemaker: Bert Salomon

SALOMON UNDHOF For the last 220 years, Salomon Undhof has produced white wines from the best terraced sites along the Danube, crystal clear wines with fine minerality. The style of Salomon Undhof wines is an alliance between character, balance and     harmony. Wines meant to be drunk young are fresh and subtle; wines for keeping acquire with age a luscious complexity. The winery is situated in the eastern part of the “cultural world heritage site” Wachau with the appellation Kremstal DAC.  


SALOMON ESTATE Bert and Gertrud Salomon bridge the old and the new wine world. Harvesting twice a year they commute between Finniss River Australia and their famous white wine estate Salomon Undhof Austria, which they manage in the seventh generation. Descending from a great Austrian wine family, Dr. Bert Salomon established Salomon Estate in Finnis River, South  Australia. Their passion for great red wines and their enthusiasm for diverse cultures let them become part Australians, this was almost 20 years ago.

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Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

Winemaker: Wayne Ahrens

Smallfry wines is a partnership in business and life between Suzi Hilder and Wayne Ahrens. They are viticulturists bitten by the winemaking bug, the chance to turn their own fruit into wine was too good to pass up. Natural ferments, nil to minimal adjustment, old oak and a soft hand in the cellar allows the vineyard to speak. The style is food friendly, Euro style, with a eye to balance and subtlety.

The essential component is great fruit, they are lucky enough to own two very special vineyards, one in Eden Valley and the other in Vine Vale in the valley floor. The Eden Valley vineyard was established by Suzi & Wayne in 1994, while the Vine Vale block has been the Schlieb’s family seat for generations, with the last incumbent putting in 52 vintages before hanging up his snips.

They believe that when we look back on the last few years we will see that this is a time of great creativity, the emerging young winemakers will become the seasoned campaigners of the future. The Barossa is in good hands and they want to be a part of that.

Certified Organic / Biodynamic / Family Owned

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Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia

Winemaker: Joch Bosworth

Spring Seed Wines are made using grapes from organically grown and certified vineyards located in McLaren Vale, South Australia. The vineyards were established in the early 1970’s by Peter and Anthea Bosworth, and are now owned and run by their son Joch and partner Louise Hemsley-Smith, who began the conversion to organic viticulture in 1995. The vines are fully certified organic by Australian Certified Organic.

The Spring Seed Wine labels are unashamedly inspired by vintage flower seed packets created at the turn of the last century. Three different flower images have been used to decorate each one of the wines.

Spring Seed Wines are single vineyard wines that best express the unique characteristics of their foothills site, in a modern, fresh and balanced style. Spring Seed wines are described as ‘organically grown, traditionally vinified’.

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Willoughby Park
Wills Domain

Region: Great Southern, Western Australia

Winemaker: Elysia Harrison

Located to the east of Albany, the Willoughby Park Estate Vineyard is a hidden gem. The property is found in extraordinary country at the extreme end of the Porongurup Ranges, on the left flank of the Kalgan River, in the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia.

The vines are less than 20kms from the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean which brings cooling summer breezes, slowing the ripening of the grapes and increasing intense flavour development. Terrior, natural climatic advantage and sensitive viticulture come together in this place of beauty and potential. ‘It’s all about the rock.....’ this is a vineyard that reflects the essence of terrior, an ancient land where gneiss and granite formed an undulating base over the whole site and the deep weathering by the Kalgan River has helped produce these incredible and unique soils. The winemaking involves respectful and meticulous care of the fruit, ensuring Kalgan River remains a place where nature provides and man guides.

In James Halliday’s words, it is a ‘mighty mouse of a vineyard’. 

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Yelland & Papps

Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

Winemaker: Michael & Susan Papps

The Yelland & Papps story is about new beginnings, a young couple starting and forging our own path in the wine industry, respecting the traditions of the home that is the Barossa, but also putting our stamp and foot print on what we believe in. We are starting our legacy our future and our kid’s future. We have been blessed with the opportunity to own a piece of history in the Barossa Valley that dates to 1848, built by one of the first settlers in the Barossa.

All wines are made at Yelland & Papps by Susan and Michael, where there is a focus on using a lot of whole bunch fermentation, no filtration, larger format oak and putting 100% whole bunches through large bung holes of puncheons and letting them sit for up to a year in some cases.

Michael and Susan’s ethos is to pick fruit on flavour and acid, and to make wine in a less is more approach, using gently processing methods and to make the best wine possible.

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Region: Margaret River, Western Australia

Winemaker: Richard Rowe

Wills Domain sits atop the Gunyulgup Valley, overlooking 60 Ha’s of rolling hills in Northern Margaret Rivers sub region of Yallingup. The estate combines exceptional vineyard, unique climate and the enviable, free draining slopes of the Gunyulgup Valley to create wines of exceptional quality.

When the Haunold family purchased the original Wills Domain Vineyard in 2000, they were adding another chapter to a family history of winemaking stretching back to 1383 in what is now Austria. Darren Haunold continues this family  tradition alongside winemaker Richard Rowe who has over 35 years of winemaking experience. Richard first came to Margaret River in 2003 as Chief Winemaker for Evans & Tate, prior to this he spent 13 years in the Clare Valley, South Australia with Leasingham Wines and Kirrihill Wines.

Wills Domain showcase artisanal Estate wines in its two old vine vineyards: Wills Domain Estate (1992) and Yallingup Estate (1985). Their holistic approach to viticulture, winemaking and its acclaimed restaurant showcases a methodical approach to the land and sustainability. 

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