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An award winning Distiller, two Australian Cideries & a Spanish Vermouth

Region: Reus, Spain

Fot-Li is made and bottled in Reus by Toni Omedes Alegre who set out to make a full-bodied vermouth with character and complexity. Toni describes Fot-Li as much more than a vermouth; it's an enthusiastic shout that invites you to dare, to live, to prize and savour your most valuable possession: time. Time flies, Fot-Li.

Fot-Li is made from white grapes, primarily White Grenache, and macerated for three weeks with aromatic plants and Toni's secret formula, in keeping with tradition.


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Region: Stratham, Western Australia

The team at Runamuk Cider Co don’t play by the rules, they are here to craft their own kind of cider. Runamuk Cider Co, established in 2017, is a family owned and run business situated in the beautiful heart of the South West apple growing region. Handcrafted in WA using local Donnybrook apples, hand crushed, smashed and brewed down the road in Stratham.

Paul Hinton’s Coeliac diagnosis has given his South West family a new direction, a new passion. Frustrated by the lack of options available to him Paul decided to make his own cider. He found what was on offer was either too sweet or contained additives and preservatives. Runamuk Cider Co ciders are made with no additives, no preservatives, sugars or concentrates, the way it should be done, but not the way it’s usually done.

Handcrafted in WA! Donnybrook Grown. Stratham Brewed.


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Region: Mt Macedon, Victoria

Winemaker George Cremasco and beer salesman Mike Harris sat down one day to discuss beer and ended up talking only about Gin. From that meeting they have teamed up together to launch Mountain Gin, which after only 12 months has gained international recognition receiving 95 points and a Gold medal at the 2019 International Wine & Spirit Awards.

MOUNTAIN Gin is inspired by locally foraged botanicals. Young pine needles and mountain pepperberry are combined with orange peel, lemon myrtle, juniper and coriander. MOUNTAIN Gin is a clean, vibrant and aromatic spirit reminiscent of fresh mountain air and the smell of tall pines. MOUNTAIN Gin & Tonic cans contain no less than a 45ml pour of 100% Mountain batch distilled Gin, blended with their hand crafted, low sugar tonic to bring forth the sharp citrus character of orange peel and lemon myrtle.


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