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We proudly represent a diverse range of Australian breweries, with everything from a Farmhouse Saison to a Chocolate Porter!


Region: Denmark, Western Australia

Brewer: Luke Low

At Boston Brewing Co they believe that "everyone has a beer drinker inside them, some people just don't know it yet!” 

Established in 2011, Boston Brewing Co is a family run, 100% West Australian owned business and one of the first breweries in the Great Southern region. The fantastic thing about being in such idealistic surrounds that make up the Denmark region, is that they are blessed with some of the finest, purest rainwater. The use of rainwater allows the quality of the raw materials, carefully selected to speak for themselves, and they have got a lot to say! Their approach to beer is simple, traditional brewing techniques, quality ingredients, time and care, oh and a passionate brewer.

Thinking local first in all aspects of the business, Boston Brewing Co is always looking for ways to contribute to the sustainability of the Denmark community. Empty grain bags are used by the local Parks and Recreation for invasive weed collection, spent grain is given to local farmers to feed their stock & local produce is sourced whenever possible for the restaurant.

100% West Australian, 100% Independent, Family Owned!


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Region: Canberra, ACT
Brewer: Ben Holdstock

A designer, a brewer, a pro surfer and a ginger walk into a bar and order a round of alcohol-free beers. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? But when these four mates began their Heaps Normal journey in 2018, they were laughed out of more than one bar for attempting just that.

Heaps Normal was co-founded by four mates, each with their own reasons for wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption. The four joined forces and, after months of R&D, launched Heaps Normal with their first brew, the Quiet XPA. Heaps Normal is a great tasting, non alcoholic beer without the hangover. It’s brewed for people who love a beer, but want to drink less.

Heaps Normal are part of a global movement trading the standard drink for a new drink standard, normalising mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won't miss the alcohol.


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Region: Woodend, Victoria

Brewer: Paul Holgate

Since start-up in 1999 in Paul and Natasha Holgate’s back-yard, Holgate Brewhouse brewing company has been producing genuine craft beer from the village of Woodend in Victoria. Now Brewed, bottled and kegged in their awesome 19th century red-brick Hotel in Woodend.

Bold and brimming with character - Holgate craft beers are carefully constructed with authentic, natural ingredients. No preservatives. No chemicals. No pasteurisation. Just years of brewing lore and an uncompromising approach.

No preservatives, additives or animal products—just beer!

100% Australian, 100% Independent, Family Owned!


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Region: Melbourne, Victoria

Brewer: Costa Nikias

Established in 2010, La Sirène Brewing is an artisanal brewery grounded in the spirit of Farmhouse brewing, whilst paradoxically being located 8km from Melbourne's CBD. La Sirène specialise and focus on creating Farmhouse, Wild, Oak-Aged and Coolship Ales that speak of place, time & season.

La Sirène, French for 'the Siren', emerged as a natural response to a calling to create and specialise in Farmhouse & Wild Ales, in particular 'Saisons'. Saison, a style of beer little known back then and even now in Australia, was one with which they were completely enamoured and intrigued. Armed with backgrounds in Microbiology and Winemaking with the iconic Bass Phillip in Victoria and with further studies in Brewing Operations, they decided it would be their sole focus and purpose. Their dedication to this interpretive style continues to this day.

La Sirène gravitate towards using simple & natural ingredients in their rawest form such as raw grains and 100% Victorian-grown malts. Their techniques are as old as the brewing style they champion and include open vat oak fermentation, uncontrolled fermentation and 100% bottle refermentation – similar to that of Methode Champenoise (traditional champagne-making technique).


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Region: Perth, Western Australia

Lightning Minds is a non-alcoholic craft beer brand, founded by Michael Payne in 2021. The brand has become a driving force in Michael’s quest to establish a more positive and balanced lifestyle, regarding his approach to alcohol and beyond.

Whether you’re ditching the drink entirely, or taking a breather mid session, Lightning Minds is here to help you strike a healthy balance with a crisp, refreshing and full- flavoured beer in hand. Lightning Minds N/A Pale Ale is brewed using Mosaic, Galaxy and Simcoe hops, with 4 different malts for an assertive balance and electric bitterness.

Lightning Mind’s mission is to brighten minds and help create a positive balance in regards to alcohol consumption. The drinking culture in Australia is evolving, with younger generations embracing the idea of being in control in an uncertain world.


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Region: Botany, NSW

Brewer: Nick Calder-Scholes

One Drop Brewing Co is inspired by the same foundational ideals of Reggae music, with its signature One Drop beat. The same ideas of community, humanity, one love, free thinking and unique creative self-expression inspire us. It is what beats within that allows us all to connect to community, freedom, love of life, and love of good times.

Owners Clay and Meg, both Botany locals opened the first brewery in the area. They chose Botany as it is their proud home, their roots, their community; it is the perfect place. And what better place to launch a brewery in 2019 other than in the very year of Botany's postcode - 2019.

They have gained notoriety with their array of beers, from the traditional to the unconventional. It all started with their Botany Bay Lager which only months after launch picked up a Gold Medal at the AIBA awards. From there One Drop has become known for their brightly hued sours, a favourite of Meg's, with Clay's penchant for hoppy beers rounding out their range.  


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Region: Sydney, NSW

Brewer: Brodie French

After 20 years in the tech space, Mike Clarke, a former IT & telco exec, felt the urge to give up the corporate life and build something from the ground up again. But this time around, something more fun!

With a passion for craft beer, years of brewing experience in the garage, and a supportive wife who also loved beer, the choice to open a brewery was almost a foregone conclusion.

Sauce launched their first three beers in late 2016 as gypsy brewers, adding two more to the line-up in early 2017, all the while building their own brewery in Marrickville. The brewery was completed in September 2017, and it was at this time that Sauce really came into its own. Having invested heavily in top quality, scalable brewing equipment, and expert   brewers, the quality of beer now being produced is up there with the best of them.

A small but passionate team are now producing a solid core range of beers, plus regular special batches and once-off brews. Sauce aim to offer a diverse range of beers suited to a diverse range of customers – from the craft beer “curious” to the hard-core beer nerds, and everything in between. Sauce Brewing Co…. crafty & independent!


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Region: Maylands, Western Australia

Brewer: Brody Watts

The brains behind The Seasonal Brewing Co, Nick Southwell and Emily ten Raa teamed up with hospitality veteran  Michael Cheang, to create a local place for Nick and Emily to enjoy in their stomping ground of Maylands. Joining them is Head Brewer Brody Watts who hails from Homestead, Indian Ocean, the Dutch Trading Co, Bright Tank and Blasta Brewing Co.

As the name suggests, the focus for Brody, and Nick who describes himself as ’owner, director and assistant brewer’, is to brew seasonally-appropriate beers that are big, flavoursome and use ingredients that are ripe for the time of the year. There is a strong belief that a change of seasons calls for a change in beer styles.

The Seasonal Brewing Co is housed in a 100 year old building that was once a mechanic’s garage. A celebrated venue that celebrates both beer and Perth artists. Artworks displayed at The Seasonal Brewing Co are by professional Perth artists, the team encourage patrons to come and discover local artists with a beer in hand. Another focus for the team is sustainability, they have set themselves the goal of reaching carbon neutral certification no later than 2030. They have already made significant progress toward this goal and believe they can reach it well ahead of schedule.


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Region: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Brewer: Kristian Martin

TWØBAYS Brewing Co opened Australia’s first dedicated gluten free brewery and taproom on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in late 2018. Founder Richard Jeffares was inspired by the US gluten free craft beer scene that he missed so much at home after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

Richard is passionate about creating modern beer using ancient grains so everybody can explore a new world of flavour and enjoy a beer with friends – safe in the knowledge it’s always gluten free.

The brewery is 100% gluten free and exclusively brews with gluten free grains – such as millet, buckwheat and rice – eliminating any risk of gluten contamination. The core range is endorsed by Coeliac Australia and proudly carries the Independent Brewer’s Association stamp.


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